The History

A family history

A family winery for six generations

The late 19th century

Zélie and Jules started the long history of a family’s passion for wine.

The early 20th century

EEugénie, dynamic, courageous and modern until she was 96, lived through wars unbowed and ensured the winery’s long-term future survival.


Edmond married Marguerite, Eugénie’s niece. It was a match made in heaven between two winemaking families, who gave Antech their name.


Georges and Roger, their sons, were an inseparable at the reins of the estate from a very early age. In the 1970s, they decided to only make sparkling wines.


Françoise, Georges’ bold, fiery daughter, arrives, carrying on the tradition and raising Antech to the ranks of the greatest sparkling wine makers.


Françoise, a member of the sixth generation, inherited her elders’ strong character. A guardian of the heritage, she is also a fervent advocate of social and cultural action in her region. Alongside students and jobless people, she transmits a taste for action. Alongside artists, she provides support by sponsoring musical activities. Alongside Vinifilles, she shares her experience and good humour.

Georges and Roger

Georges and Roger are inseparable. The brothers get on with each other very well and haven’t had an argument in 50 years. Roger makes the wines, Georges sells them and together they decide on the company’s direction. They made the winery what it is today.

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